Bobby's Territorial Harley-Davidson®
2550 E GILA RIDGE RD, YUMA, AZ 85365

About Us

About Us

Bobby's Territorial Harley-Davidson® started its long history as a small shop located on 4th Avenue in Yuma, Arizona then called Jim's Harley-Davidson back in 1966. At the time, Jim's Harley-Davidson® was owned and operated by Jim Siemens, a former employee of the previous local Yuma dealerships, Skip's Harley-Davidson® and Hadlock's Harley-Davidson®. Current owner-operator, Bobby Erxleben, began his love affair with Harley-Davidson® by riding his bicycle to Jim's Harley-Davidson® on 4th Avenue in 1971 when he was just nine years old. He would wash bikes, sweep floors, clean tools, and anything else to get greasy and learn. Watching, learning and having great mechanical mind, Bobby became a top-notch motorcycle mechanic, welder, and partner. The dealership would relocate twice before Bobby would buy out Siemens’ share of the partnership in 2002 and rename the dealership to Bobby’s Territorial Harley-Davidson® shortly before its move to the current location on Gila Ridge Road.